"The good news is
you're not going to be spending
lots of time with our support team
because everything is pretty simple"
"We’re bilingual.
We speak the language of business and accounting
and we speak the language of technology"
“Because business doesn’t stand still
when it’s time for you to grow,
we’ll grow with you.”
“Open platforms
that make your PC-Mac-Tablet
compatibility challenges
virtually go away.”
No contracts,
and a level of service that competitors
who charge more and deliver less
simply aren’t in a position to provide.
“All that’s missing
is the expensive server
and the maintenance issues that go with it.”
“Nothing is restricted
nothing is slowed down,
and nothing changes.”
“Collaboration that’s always easy
and never a chore.”
“Just because we’ve got your data locked down
doesn’t mean you’re locked in…
you don’t have to worry about
a restrictive, long-term deal."
“A support team that gets it…
people here in the States
who know what you are dealing with
every day.”

Cloud Security
We provide a dedicated server with dedicated resources for all of our clients this provides clients with full customization options for their AccountEdge software on the cloud.

  • Dedicated server and resources
  • 3rd party integration
  • Custom firewall/ports
  • Peace of mind

Don’t share your server or your data with anyone else! Your Trapp Online dedicated server is more flexible and secure than shared servers. Get the high performance, security, application stability and control usually found only in more expensive hosting environments.

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With My AccountEdge Cloud, you receive a whole list of Features and Benefits:

  • Save money with No Setup Costs ($99.00 Value)
  • Unlimited US Based Support
  • Dedicated Cloud server provides extra security and full customization options
  • Nightly Backup gives you peace of mind
  • No more Accountant copies with Free external Accountant access
  • Our cloud solutions are recognized as the industry’s most secure and it’s easy to see why

Nothing is restricted, nothing is slowed down, and nothing changes.  We use our proprietary technologies to make sure that everything you need to do is fully functional and that you don’t have to make any compromises, adjustments, or awkward changes.

For a full description of the Benefits our My AccountEdge Cloud service click here.

Security & Data Center

Your data is secure with our extreme care in disaster planning which results in recovery solutions throughout our data centers.

  • SAS 70 Type II Certified
  • SSAE 16 Type II Certified
  • Disaster Free Phoenix, Arizona
  • 7 Day Rolling Nightly Backups
  • Biometric entry required Tier III Data Center

A cloud that takes your security to a level no one else can match.

For a full description of the Security our My AccountEdge Cloud service click here.

Whats Included
All AccountEdge Cloud hosting clients receive their own dedicated cloud server that is designed with full flexibilities for unlimited expansion.  It is literally impossible for you to outgrow our ability to meet your needs.

  • No Contracts or Long Term Agreements
  • Unlimited US Based Support
  • Nightly Backup
  • 3rd Party App Integration

For a full description of our My AccountEdge Cloud service click here.

How It Works

We’re bilingual.  We speak the language of business and accounting while we also speaking the language of technology.

  • Full featured software
  • Instant Printing, Email, PDF, and Reporting
  • Dedicated Portal Page for easy access
  • PC, MAC, and Tablet Friendly

So let’s work on getting you into the cloud… a different kind of cloud, where you won’t have to sacrifice security, service, or flexibility for significant cost savings.

For a full description of how our My AccountEdge Cloud service works click here.

Integration & 3rd Party Apps

When it comes to delivering innovative and reliable integration solutions for applications in the cloud, our capabilities set the industry standard.

  • PC, MAC, Tablet, and Smart Phone Access
  • Customizable Application Add-ons
  • Full My AccountEdge Plugin/Extension Support
  • Integration with other Cloud software

Our US based Support Team is dedicated to building your cloud and customize it based on your needs.  Since it is built on an open platform, it makes your PC, MAC, Tablet, and 3rd Party capability challenges virtually go away.

For a full description of your integration options with our My AccountEdge Cloud service click here.

My AccountEdge Hosting Pricing

Cloud Pricing

per month for first user!
  • $25 / month for add’l users
  • 30 Day Trial
  • No Contracts

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How Safe is Cloud Hosting

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